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The whole of Canada is known outside the country for its northern tundra and winter weather, but Whitehorse best exemplifies that characterisation. Thanks to its northern location, Whitehorse offers visitors a uniquely Canadian experience and one that demands to be seen first-hand.

With the help of a camper van rental, you can explore Yukon's beautiful lakes, rivers and landscapes. It all starts with a trip to "The Wilderness City" and a camper van rental from motorhomebooker.com partners.

Read on to find out why Whitehorse is a must-see on a Yukon motorhome holiday.

Top 5 facts about Whitehorse

  1. Between mid-August and mid-April, the Northern Lights are visible from Whitehorse and its surrounding area, but the best time to see them is in the first week of winter.
  2. Because the city experiences such little annual precipitation, the Meteorological Service of Canada has given Whitehorse the distinction of being Canada’s driest city.
  3. During the summertime, daylight can last 24 hours, while daylight in the winter can be less than 6 hours.
  4. There are over 700 kilometres of mountain bike trails and 85 kilometres of cross-country ski trails within five minutes of Downtown Whitehorse.
  5. Whitehorse is technically the only city in Yukon, as the rest of the municipalities in the territory are classified as towns.

These highlights await you when you rent a camper van in Whitehorse

One of the most popular spots to visit in Whitehorse is Miles Canyon. A scenic paradise and ancient landscape located only minutes from Downtown, its extensive network of trails make it easy to access and experience the naturally formed cliffs. A 15-kilometre loop allows you to see it all, but if you don’t have time, you can get to the suspension bridge by driving.

Another natural wonder of the Yukon landscape is Emerald Lake. You won’t want to drive by this gorgeous lake just south of Whitehorse without stopping for a picture. Notable for its intense green colour caused by sunlight reflecting off the lake’s sediment, it's a prime photo spot and an ideal place to see the Northern Lights without the glow of the city.

To learn a little more about Whitehorse and Yukon territory, make a trip downtown to the non-profit MacBride Museum. As the oldest museum in Yukon, here you’ll discover the history of the territory, from the Klondike Gold Rush to the birth of the capital, and learn about its resilient First Nations people all in one trip.

This makes Whitehorse particularly suitable as a starting point for your road trip

Visiting Whitehorse is essential in a comprehensive motorhome tour of Yukon, but beyond the city limits, there’s so much more waiting to be discovered.

Because it’s located so close to Alaska, Skagway is a natural destination when setting off from Whitehorse and a straightforward one. Just over a two-hour drive, simply take the Klondike Highway south. Stop by beautiful Emerald Lake on your way, and don’t forget your passport to cross the border.

For a lengthy trip from the city, Watson Lake is a four-and-a-half-hour drive east of Whitehorse and a must-see for lovers of roadside attractions. Started in 1942 by homesick American soldiers, Sign Post Forest is located on the Alaska Highway and contains over 85,000 signs crowdsourced over decades. Walk through and add your own during your visit.

If you thought Whitehorse was as far north as you could go on a camper van road trip, think again. Dawson City, the former capital city of Yukon, is a six-hour drive north on the Klondike Highway and is full of history. Inseparably linked to the Klondike Gold Rush until 1899, Dawson City turned into one of the West’s largest settlements overnight.

Today, you can visit Dawson City to learn about Yukon’s First Nations peoples and the area before the Gold Rush at the Dawson City Museum.

Camper van rental: Useful information for your trip to Whitehorse

To rent a motorhome or camper van in Whitehorse, you’ll need to be at least 25 years of age and possess a valid driver’s licence. It’s recommended that you also have an international driver’s licence. You’ll also need a major credit card to qualify for a rental.

Generally, travelling to other Canadian territories and Alaska, USA, is permitted. Because of its proximity, Alaska is a popular destination when departing from Whitehorse and can be accessed via the Klondike Highway.

Rent a motorhome now and discover the region around Whitehorse

To explore Whitehorse and beyond, there’s no better way to travel than by motorhome. When starting from the capital city, you can get the true Northern Canadian experience with the comforts of home. With the freedom to name your destination, you can even visit the US and gain a whole new perspective of the northernmost points on the continent.

To learn more about travelling by motorhome and to book one for your next trip, visit motorhomebookers.com today. Here you’ll find information about pricing, flexible scheduling and more about how a motorhome or camper van can benefit you.

Strong northern lights (Aurora borealis) substorm on night sky over downtown Whitehorse, capital of the Yukon Territory, Canada, in winter.

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