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Four Seasons RV is one of Canada's low cost motorhome rental companies. Drawing on the experience of their parent company Fraserway, who have been in the business for over 40 years, Four Seasons' staff are prepared to meet all of your rental needs. Vehicles are available from Vancouver (Abbotsford), Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax and Toronto.

3 Reasons to Choose Four Seasons

  • Low Cost brand of Fraserway RV Rentals with excellent customer service
  • Well-maintained RVs of high quality at an affordable price
  • Free information package including maps and campground information provided with every vehicle

Four Seasons Vehicle Fleet

At Four Seasons you will receive 3 - 5 year old models in excellent condition and at a fair price. 200 vehicles in four different categories are available at five locations across Canada. They range from the Van Conversion for 2 people to the spacious C-XLarge, suitable for up to 5 people.

Four Seasons Rental Data

  • Year of foundation 2006

  • Vehicle fleet 400

  • Model year 2021 - 2023

  • Depots 5

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