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Outback, kangaroos, koalas - discover now with Maui!

Experience the wonders of Australia with Maui

Maui is the premium motorhome brand of Tourism Holdings Ltd. (THL), a company that has been active in the tourism industry for about 25 years.

Maui vehicles are designed for apartment living on the road, providing you room to live with style and comfort... and all the extras. You can hire Maui motorhomes from ten depots throughout Australia.

3 Reasons to Choose Maui

  • Modern, high-quality vehicles
  • Attractive rates with early booker and long-hire discounts
  • Extra services, such as linen swap or valet service at any Maui depot

Maui Vehicle Fleet

The Maui fleet is made up of two ranges of models: the Platinum and Spirit series. If you are looking for ultimate space, style & comfort, then Maui Platinum is the right choice for you. The popular Spirit 2 Ultima is ideal for two people.
All Maui vehicles are up to two years old and built with the latest technology, manufacturing techniques and design ideas.

Maui Rental Data

  • Year of foundation 1982
  • Vehicle fleet 300
  • Model year 2018-2021
  • Depots 10

Maui Camper rental stations

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