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Western Australia Wonderland

This motorhome trip takes you from Perth to the natural attractions located in Western Australia. Of course, you can take more time and spend a few days in and around Perth. Additionally, you can take a domestic flight and combine it with a further trip to another part of Australia.

Your route

  • from / to Perth
  • 7 days / 1,500 km
  • Best time to travel: April to October

Arrival in Perth and collection of the camper

Perth, the capital of the State of Western Australia and a vibrant metropolis, offers numerous sights and opportunities for day trips. Spend the day in the city and enjoy some of the major highlights such as Kings Park, Lake Monger, Northbridge, the Perth Mint, or the Perth Zoo. Lose yourself in the outdoor lifestyle of the inhabitants. It is also possible to go for a swim on one of the numerous beaches close to the city such as Cottesloe, Trigg or Scarborough Beach.

A ferry ride along the Swan River will take you to Fremantle, with its historic architecture, located at the mouth of the Swan River. From there, you can also take a boat trip to Rottnest Island and get to know the locals, cute quokkas, a species of marsupials that is native primarily to Rottnest Island.

Highlights & Tips

Accommodation in Perth
When you fly into Perth and would like to spend the first day in the city, you should stay at the BIG4 Perth International Tourist Park which is located close to the airport. From there you can conveniently explore everything Perth has to offer. Tip: Take a wine tour through the gorgeous Swan Valley which is only a short drive away.

Experience Perth
Of course, you can see all the attractions in and around Perth at the end of the trip around Western Australia. Here, you will be able to find suggestions for a stay in Perth.

Photo Safari to see quokkas on Rottnest Island
You should definitely capture quokkas, the only species of marsupials living on the island, in a photo.

Perth – The Pinnacles (Cervantes)

Suggested route: Perth – The Pinnacles (Cervantes)

Stage distance: approx. 250 km

The trip starts from Perth – it would be best to depart right in the morning – and goes north in the direction of the Pinnacles Desert, a must-see natural attraction of Western Australia. The pinnacles are unusual rock formations similar to the ones that are characteristic of the lunar landscape. You can explore this unique topography in the Nambung National Park. The park is very popular with photographers especially early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Highlights & Tips

Staying overnight in the park or on the coast
There is a campsite in the park or, alternatively, you will find one near Jurien Bay, located not far away from Cervantes.

The Pinnacles (Cervantes) – Kalbarri
Suggested route: The Pinnacles (Cervantes) – Northampton – Kalbarri
Stage distance: approx. 440 km

The trip continues along the North West Coastal Highway (#1), heading north. In Northampton, you branch off to Kalbarri and the Kalbarri National Park. Kalbarri can boast of spectacular scenery with rivers and canyons as well as views of the Indian Ocean. You may also marvel at the multicoloured sandstone cliffs at Red Bluff. Enjoy an afternoon there, and discover the natural attractions of the Western Australian coast. You can also spend the night in the national park or in the near vicinity of Kalbarri.

Highlights & Tips

The sea of flowers in the Kalbarri National Park
The Kalbarri National Park is also known for its many species of plants that bloom from July until the beginning of summer. As a result, the sandy plain turns into a colourful sea of flowers.

Kalbarri – Denham (Monkey Mia)

Suggested route: Kalbarri – Denham (Monkey Mia)

Stage distance: approx. 375 km

From Kalbarri, the trip continues across the national park and back on the North West Coastal Highway (#1). It runs north to Denham, which is today's destination. Denham is a town located close to the natural attractions of Monkey Mia and the Shark Bay Marine Park.

At Monkey Mia, the visitors will be able to see wild dolphins from a close distance. The best time to see the dolphins is from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day, when the animals are being fed under the supervision of park rangers. Apart from dolphins, the Shark Bay Marine Park offers its visitors the opportunity to admire a variety of marine life, including sea turtles, snapper sharks, manta rays, and sea cows. You can also hire kayaks or take a sunset cruise at the end of the day.

What is more, you can also watch snapper sharks and turtles in the sea just north of Denham. The city offers boat tours on a daily basis. Also, there are more accommodation options in the Francois Peron National Park.

Highlights & Tips

Attractions in Shark Bay
Here, you will be able to find information about all the attractions in Shark Bay.

Denham (Monkey Mia) – Geraldton

Suggested route: Denham (Monkey Mia) – Geraldton

Stage distance: approx. 405 km

Today, we are heading back towards Perth on the North West Coastal Highway (#1) and via Geraldton. It is a lively holiday destination with interesting museums and white sand beaches. It is popular with windsurfers as well. The small town with its chic marina and beautiful beach promenade invites you to linger by the sea. The seaside town has a lot to offer even when it comes to art and culture, especially around the historic Bill Sewell Complex.

Highlights & Tips

You can find several campsites (Caravan Park) in and around Geraldton, for example:
Belair Gardens Caravan Park, Geraldton
Sunset Beach Holiday Park, Geraldton

Geraldton – Perth

Suggested route: Geraldton – Three Springs – Perth

Stage distance: approx. 415 km

From Geraldton, the trip runs east on the Geraldton-Mt Magnet Road (#123) in the direction of Mullewa, which is a gate to the Murchison Goldfields. From there, the road goes back south on the Midlands Road (#116) towards Perth and via Three Springs. There is a large agricultural area, between Geraldton and Perth, where wheat is grown.

On this road, located mostly 60 km inland parallel to the Pacific coast, you can find the Watheroo National Park and the Avon Valley National Park. The main attraction of the Watheroo National Park is the Jingamia Cave. Also, you can admire a varied landscape in the park, which is in full bloom between July and November. The Avon Valley is known for its forests, river valleys as well as for beautiful wildflowers (in the season). Additionally, you can admire panoramic views of the Avon River from the highest point, Bald Hill.

Highlights & Tips

Boat tour on the Swan River in Perth
A boat tour on the Swan River is recommended as a beautiful farewell memory. After many natural attractions that you could see during this trip, you will be able to enjoy the skyline of Perth.

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