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The basics for driving your motorhome in Australia

Driving License

UK, European, New Zealand or other driving licenses are valid for use in Australia. However, you are recommended to take an international driving license if your license does not contain the required information in English and this must be presented alongside your national license. There is normally a minimum age limit for vehicle hires. We have dedicated a special section entitled 'Important rental info' within our website for each of our rental company partners where you can obtain more specific information on this subject.


Traffic drives on the left hand side in Australia and it is compulsory to wear a seatbelt. On the open roads and small town areas you will not find very many vehicles on the roads. There are a number of winding or narrow roads around so remember to factor this in when planning your journeys.

Petrol and Diesel

Petrol and diesel cost about the same, ranging from approx. AU$ 1.10 to AU$ 1.40 per litre, depending on which region you are in and the current international oil price development.


If you are from the UK, Ireland or Continental Europe you can use your digital mobile phone in Australia, as they use the same GSM system there that you are used to. If you are from North America please ensure you have a tri-band mobile phone and check with your phone company if you require them to give you international access prior to your departure. International roaming rates apply.


Most shops are open Monday to Friday from 0900 to 1730hrs. On Saturdays the larger stores and malls are often open from 0900 to 1700hrs. In the larger cities the supermarkets and retail stores are also open on Sundays - usually from 1000 to 1700hrs and late night shopping is normally available on Thursdays until 2100hrs. Credit cards are accepted virtually everywhere and you can use them to get money out at most ATM machines. Travellers' cheques can be exchanged at banks and the larger hotels.


A 10%, VAT-style' tax called GST (Goods and Services Tax) is charged for any goods and services in Australia. This tax is already included in all booking components that you pay through us. If you purchase goods worth AU$ 300 or more to take with you when you leave the country you can - in certain circumstances, obtain a refund for the GST paid with these purchases prior to departure. For further information please refer to the following website:www.customs.gov.au

Camping Grounds

Australia has a vast number of camping grounds available throughout the country. A site costs between AU$ 25 and AU$ 40 per night for two people and a vehicle. The leading camping ground organisation in Australia is the 'Big 4 Holiday Parks' group: www.big4.com.au. This is an alliance of 180 caravan parks and camping grounds. They are usually scenically located and offer excellent service. Most of these also have swimming pools and provide various sporting activity options. They also provide fixed 'cabin' accommodation options. When you pick up your vehicle you will receive maps and accommodation information from all of our rental company partners.


Australia's southern hemisphere location means its seasons are virtually the opposite of those in Europe. Australia's Summer months are from December to February and Winter is from June to August. However, due to the size of Australia it has several different weather zones. The best time to travel therefore differs from region to region or, in other words, in Australia there is always a perfect region to visit at any time of the year. While the temperature in the south-east is of the mild continental variety and can be cold and wet in Winter, the top third of the country enjoys its dry season from May to October. From November to April the north is humid and tropical. In the desert areas in the middle of the country it can get quite cold at night time in the Australian Winter (0° Celsius).

Because of the extreme nature of the sun we recommend you protect yourself from sunburn with adequate clothing and Australian sun cream with a high protection factor.