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Vehicle insurance for your motorhome holiday in Australia

General information

The CDW (collission damage waiver) insurance protection for your vehicle is included by our rental company partners in the daily rental rates. CDW insurance comes into play in the event of an accident, an act of vandalism or theft. You will be liable for an excess as part of the insurance policy, the size of which varies from rental company to rental company. The CDW insurance does not cover any damage you cause to the interior of the vehicle, to the roof, the windscreen or the vehicle underbody (e.g. the axle, exhaust pipe, etc).

In Australia it is not compulsory for drivers to have third-party insurance. In the event of an accident with an uninsured driver or in if a third party damages the rental vehicle and flees the scene the renter is liable up the the maximum level of the excess. The excess amount applies to each individual incident, not per rental. For information about the additional insurance options including our 'all inclusive options' available to reduce the level of the excess please refer to the 'Important rental info' link in each of the rental company sections on our website.


If a customer does not adhere to the rental conditions as stipulated in the rental agreement, e.g. dangerous driving, etc and when damage occurs as a result of illegal activity involving the vehicle, e.g. drink-driving, etc the insurance cover will be null and void.