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Vehicle insurance for your motorhome holiday in Europe


The level of cover provided by our rental company partners is usually very high. However, the renter is always responsible for the excess in the first instance, regardless of who is at fault and the excess is required per incident. If you are involved - and not at fault, in a traffic accident you are initially required to pay the rental company the excess until the third-party pays the rental company for the damage. It is also important to mention - with respect to the latter, that while vehicle insurance is compulsory in most European countries, there are some EU states where drivers may drive without insurance or with very little cover.

An insurance contract is entered into between yourself and the rental company when you collect the vehicle. We recommend that you allow adequate time when you pick up your vehicle and ask the rental company's customer services staff about any aspects that you do not fully understand. Every rental company negotiates different insurance conditions with its insurer and then offers these to its customers when they collect their vehicles.

Companies providing a bodily injury element in their insurance normally have policies that cover the driver, any passengers in the rental vehicle as well as third parties where the driver of the rental vehicle is at fault.

Each country / rental company uses a different system when classifying insurance categories. To find out what insurance is included and what extra insurance options are available we recommend that you view the 'Insurance' section in each company's 'Important Rental Info' section provided on this site.


Damage to tyres or to the underbody of the vehicle is not normally insured and damage to the vehicle that is caused by a breach of the contract, by dangerous driving or as a result of other illegal activities (e.g. drink driving) is not insured at all.